5 Benefits of Using Jade Rollers

5 Benefits of Using Jade Rollers

5 Benefits of Using Jade Rollers

You may have seen Jade Roller popping up every time you logged on to the internet or when you visit the local beauty store as the most coveted skincare tool. Beauty enthusiasts talk about its many benefits, including reducing dark circles, smoothing fine lines, depuffing the face and relieving inflammation.

Still curious about why this paint-roller type tool made from jade stone is on everyone’s face? Does it deliver on its lofty promises? Here are five of the many health and beauty benefits you will enjoy while using this trendy skincare bolt-on:

Soothes and Relaxes Facial Muscles

Our facial muscles store lots of tension which can cause fine lines and wrinkles, especially around the eyes and forehead. Using a Jade Roller to massage your face and neck can smoothen out the kinks, particularly along your jawline and brow. As it glides across your skin, it not only gives your skin a quick boost, but keeps wrinkles at bay and preserve’s the skin’s elasticity.

Jade Roller also allow for deep pressure which helps to relieve muscle tension around the jaw, as well as reduce TMJ-induced flair ups and headaches. At one end, there is a larger roller designed for the jawline, cheeks and forehead; at the other end, there is a smaller roller for the delicate region around the eyes with thinner, more fragile skin that is prone to visible signs of aging.

Boosts the Efficacy of Your Other Skincare Products

Beauty products, no matter how good they are, cannot be effective unless they are absorbed into the skin. Start by cleansing your face, then apply a serum or facial oil; jade rollers work well with cleansers, serums and oils as they ensure your beauty products can penetrate deeper into the skin, rather than sitting atop its outermost layer.

Although a Jade Roller can be used on your bare skin before you apply your beauty products, they are also effective when used immediately after applying them.

Boosts the Skin’s Natural Detoxification Process

The gentle massaging motion that the jade roller makes as it glides across your skin can stimulate the lymphatic drainage throughout the face. This cleanses the face of debris, pathogens, and stagnant waste products, which helps to reduce swelling and regenerate tissues resulting from scarring and burning. It also reduces symptoms of acne, allergies, fibromyalgia and other conditions.

The lymphatic system collects the body’s wastes, including viruses and bacteria, transporting them to the lymph nodes where they are broken down by immune cells. Sometimes due to factors such as tension, physical inactivity, illness or injury, the lymphatic system fails to function as it should, which can cause swelling, achiness and immune related issues. By stimulating your lymphatic system, the jade roller can help it transport excess fluids in the right direction.

Decreases Puffy Eyes and Makes for Extra Glow

Jade Roller are perfect for reducing puffiness and redness; it is cool and pleasing to touch, which makes it soothing on the skin and can even help even out your complexion. It also helps to improve circulation to your skin, encouraging an increased amount of nutrients and oxygen to the surface.

A five-minute massage can give you a soothing, rosy feel for over ten minutes. Using it on the sides of your neck can also stimulate better circulation in the lymph areas where excess fluids can build up.

Allows the Regeneration of Your Body Cells

Metaphysically, Jade Roller have been associated with their ability to draw out negative energy and balance ‘chi’ (energy or life force in traditional Chinese medicine). This makes it a good tool for reducing stress. Its soothing properties means it may indirectly help prevent acne, breakouts and other skin conditions.

How to Use a Jade Roller

To achieve the best results, start with gentle pressure on the lower part of the face and move out upwards from the chin. Roll in both up/down and sideways direction, taking care to as you glide through the delicate under-eye region.

As you can see, the Jade Roller promises loads of benefits and can play an important role in your daily beauty routine. So, go on to treat yourself to a daily relaxing facial massage and enjoy all the benefits that come from improved circulation, while getting the most out of your beauty products. You deserve it!