The Amazing Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

The Amazing Benefits of a Himalayan Salt Lamp

After making a debut in decor magazines, Himalayan Salt Lamp have become popular assets in the homes of many including me. Long gone are the days where Himalayan salt is only used to add additional flavor to your foods or keep you relaxed in a hot tub. Aside from being visually appealing (because who doesn’t love glowing pink hues!?), Himalayan salt lamps have tons of health benefits by simply being lit from the inside with a bulb.

You won’t truly know what you’ve been missing until you have one of your own, but these salt lamps bring you a breeze of fresh air equal to what you would get from an open window except you can experience this wherever you choose whether it’s on your desk or next to your bed!

Before going out and buying the first salt lamp you see, learn to spot the difference between real and fake Himalayan Salt Lamp in order to enjoy their benefits!

According to, the following signs can be an indication of a fake lamp:

  1. A poor return policy for defects
  2. High resistance to knocks and bangs
  3. A bright light that is able to illuminate a room completely
  4. An inexpensive price tag on a white Himalayan salt lamp
  5. No mention of Pakistan as the origin of the lamp (or the salt)
  6. No sweating when exposed to moisture


These signs can all indicate that you’ve bought a fake Himalayan Salt Lamp so make sure that you have the real deal before disregarding all the great benefits of this salt lamp. By having a real lamp of the right size, in the appropriate sized room, you can experience the following great benefits:

  1. Himalayan Salt Lamp can purify the air including removing cigarette smoke and dust. The Himalayan Salt Lamp traps these types of molecules into the salt crystals. How impressive is that?
  2. These salt lamps help ease allergy symptoms when one or two lamps are put in a room. They even trap pollen! There are even Himalayan salt inhalers, which have tremendously great benefits for asthma and bronchitis.
  3. A variety of studies have suggested that negative ions released by Himalayan salt lamps can speed up blood flow. If you have any knowledge of health tendencies, you’ll know that great blood flow can improve a lot of disorders and prevent damage of your lungs.
  4. If you’re looking for something that will reduce your stress levels as well, then you really need to invest in one of these lamps. The soft light in hues of orange, pink, yellow and red help reduce stress and create a relaxed atmosphere through color therapy. Just think about it – one of these salt lamps can balance physical, spiritual and emotional energies all at once!


You might read through these benefits thinking that I’m crazy! But to truly understand them, you need to understand exactly how these lamps work. The whole process is easily explained by where it’s stated that Himalayan Salt Lamp attract and trap water vapor – easy as that! This water vapor that gets captured in the salt crystals carries all the bad stuff around your house in the air.

The best part is that your salt lamp won’t get full when capturing this vapor regularly. The heat from light inside of the lamp actually dries the captured vapor and the vapor capturing effect is ongoing for as long as you keep that light shining.

After having a Himalayan Salt Lamp in my house, I would definitely recommend one for anyone who loves to approach natural methods as well as enjoy all of the other benefits of these lamps.