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Batana Oil

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Naturalique Beauty's Batana Oil is 100% Pure, Raw and Natural. There are no fillers or added ingredients and comes straight to you in its rawest form. 

Batana oil comes from La Moskitia, Honduras. The oil is extracted from the American Palm Tree (Elaeis Oleifera). The indigenous people of Miskito produce the oil and are called the “Tawira”, meaning people of beautiful hair. They have been using this oil for hundreds of years. The oil is dark brown in color and the scent is somewhat of an earthy smell. Some say that it resembles the smell of coffee.

Batana Oil helps to stimulate rapid hair growth while healing and repairing damaged hair.

Great for those with heat damage as well as damage due to chemical treatments.


Benefits of Batana Oil include:

  • Known to help Encourage Hair Growth
  • Assists With Repairing Damaged Hair
  • Can Help Reverses Hair Loss
  • Can Help With Reversing Grey Hair
  • Gives Hair a Natural Shine
  • Moisturizes Dry Hair and Scalp
  • Helps To Fade Scars and Stretch Marks
    Batana Oil