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Naturalique Beauty Strives to provide the some of the most effective natural products available.  We go through a checklist to ensure quality and safety for the ingredients in our products.
Pure Oils
Essential Oils:
All of our essential oils are steam distilled and 100% pure without any fillers or additives.  Steam distilled extraction is one of the most common ways to extract oil from plants. It uses vapor for the extraction and is one of the safest methods.  Essential Oils are very potent and strong. It is important to take caution when dealing with these.  If applying to the skin, always mix with a carrier oil of some sort to prevent irritation.  If an oil happens to get in the eyes, rinse with water and If irritation continues, we advise to get medical attention.
Skin and Carrier Oils:
All of our skin/carrier oils are cold pressed extracted and 100% pure without any fillers or additives.  Like, steam distilled, Cold pressed is another one of the best and  preferred ways to extract botanicals.  This method is mainly used with carrier oils while steam distilled is used more with essential oils. Carrier oils are usually not as sensitive to the skin as essential oils yet they pack a lot of nutrients and wonderful qualities for the skin. All of Naturalique Beauty's carrier oils are 100% safe to apply directly to the skin.
Naturalique Beauty is proud of the fact that all of our oils go through extensive testing and measures to ensure safety and quality.  They are all 100% natural, pure and Non-GMO. We DO NOT use any toxic solvents or materials in our products and extraction methods.  We stand behind the quality of our brand.
Other Ingredients:
While the majority of our products are the pure extraction from the botanical plant itself, there may be times when we will offer other products that may require additional ingredients for preserving or other uses. In these cases the main and majority of the ingredients will be of natural botanical sources and we will provide safe and researched alternatives for any additions.
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