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Top Skincare Tips for Problematic Skin

March 24, 2021

Top Skincare Tips for Problematic Skin

We all dream of a healthy and happy face, and the face can only be healthy and happy when it is clear and glowing. Sadly, with new skincare products flooding the market each week coupled with seemingly endless skincare advice online, it can be hard to determine the best routine for you, especially when dealing with problematic skin.

You know the basics – wash your face before you sleep, drink plenty of water, and get a full night of sleep. But having lots of sleep, cleansing your face and drinking a ton of water will not remedy that chronic eczema or acne. To guide you on your quest for a more healthy and clearer skin, we have put together eight of the best skincare tips that have worked wonders for us.

Know and Understand Your Skin Type

Getting to know your skin type is the single most important thing you can do for your skin. If you do not know your skin type or are misinformed, you could compromise the natural feel and balance of your skin, giving room for breakouts, inflammation, irritation, and even premature aging to set in. Some of the different types of skin include dry, oily, scaly, sensitive, combination, and acne-prone skin. Keep in mind that you can have more than one skin type and it can change over time and with different seasons, so it makes sense that you always pay attention to your skin.

Be Intentional About Your Skincare

Noticing dark spots on some areas of your skin? Vitamin C is a brightener that goes deep into the skin, and can clear off those spots within six months. Struggling with acne? Apply tea tree oil (diluted with a carrier oil) to help prevent breakouts. Struggling with blackheads? Apply a good clay mask that has bentonite and/or activated charcoal. Waking up to puffy eyes? Add an extra pillow under your head while you sleep. The gravity from the extra pillow will drain enough fluid to relieve the puffiness.

In any case, patience is key when taking care of a problematic skin.

Do a Patch Test

Before starting off with a new product, always do a patch test to ensure it is right for your skin to prevent the risk of irritation or an allergic reaction. Apply a small amount of the skincare formula on your inner arm and notice your skin reaction to the product.

Know How to Apply Your Skincare Products

Think about your skin like a sponge that has to absorb all the goodness you are looking to apply. If you fail to layer your skincare products the right way, your skin may not fully absorb the product, which means they won’t be as effective. Applying the thinnest skincare formulas first is the most effective strategy, as they can be easily absorbed without going through the barrier of the heavier formulas. To avoid skin piling (when the product does not absorb but forms small tiny balls on your skin), allow your skin a few minutes to absorb the lightweight formulas before moving onto thicker ones.

Apply Moderation

When it comes to skincare, moderation is key. Applying too much moisturizer will likely lead to skin pilling and could even clog your pores. When you’ve got an armoire of creams, lotions, masks, serums and oils, it can be really tempting to apply at least one every day and night, but ‘more is more’ is not the best rule when it comes to skincare. Additionally, since your skin won’t soak it all in, you would only be wasting your products and money.

Avoid Expired Products

Holding on to skincare products after their expiration dates is also not wise. Beauty products are safe homes for bacteria, especially if they are used frequently, and these can lead to irritation and infection. Over time, these products can produce harmful toxins that can be damaging to your skin and health. As a rule of thumb, if you cannot remember when you bought a particular skincare product, it is wise to get rid of it.

Avoid Direct Exposure to Heat

Sun exposure is responsible for ninety percent of fine lines, which makes sunscreen very important for glowing skin. However, the sun isn’t the only thing you should look out for; getting too close to fireplaces or heat can cause collagen breakdown and inflammation. So, the next time you are making s’mores over a campfire, do well to take a step back.

Do Not Touch Your Face

Last but not least of our tips in this article is to avoid touching your face. This is especially important if you are dealing with problematic skin; touching your face not only causes breakouts and spreads bacteria, but can cause scarring, lead to an increase in wrinkles and even expose you to flu or other viruses.

The skin is the largest organ of the body and the largest barrier against infections. Feeding your skin with the right ingredients and working with the right skincare routine helps your skin stay in good shape and keeps the barrier strong.

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